Preserving the Past - Resiliency for the Future

Dedicated to ensuring our farmlands, communities, and natural resources are maintained and supported. She believes that increased efficiency, a focus on preservation, resiliency and adaptation, accessibility of quality information, effective resource deployment, and conservation of resources can continue to safeguard lands in King County. Rachel brings over 20 years of experience in farm-based bio fuels, energy, climate, composting and soil health, biodiversity, and outreach.


People for Climate Action - Redmond - March 27th - 7-8pm

KCD - Board of Supervisors - Ballot Count - April 4th - 5 to 7pm


All ballots must be cast at the KCD office by 5 p.m. Mar 29th, 2019 (for those voting in person) or postmarked by FRI MAR 29th, 2019 (for those voting by mail) in order to be valid. Polls will be open for voting in person at the KCD Office, located at 800 SW 39th St, Suite 150, Renton, WA 98057. The office will be open for in person voting from 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Tuesday March 26th through Friday March 29th and from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st. There's still time to cast a ballot in person this weekend.


Forest Steward


Serving as a Forest Steward with the Green Redmond Partnership, assisting in the management of 40 acres of Phase 4 second-generation old growth. 

Outreach Professional


A top professional working in outreach and communication at the agency level, and volunteering her time to educate the public on preparedness, composting, and reforestation.

Community Leader


As a mother, and engaged community member, concerned with sustaining our lands for the future; Rachel serves as Sustainability Chair for Horace Mann Elementary.



Born in the Farmlands

Rachel was born and raised on family farms, familiar with erosion control, mitigation, beef cattle, hogs, soybean, corn, timber harvest, and biodynamic community support agriculture. She’s helped rural farmers implement wind and biomass  in both Iowa and Washington as new streams of income with the Iowa Energy Center and NW Spark.


Dedicated to Sustainability & Resiliency

 Rachel is passionate about helping to ensure that our farmlands and natural resources are maintained and supported, through challenges, changes, and new climate impacts. By looking to both the past, and to our future planning needs; she believes that increased efficiency, a focus on preservation, adaptation, accessible information, and conservation of resources can help protect and take care of what we have in King County.  


Serving King County

Green Redmond Partnership - Hartman Park Forest Steward
Horace Mann Elementary - PTSA Sustainability Chair
King County Master Composter & Soil Builder
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Volunteer
Climate Reality Project - Leadership Corps Mentor and Speaker
Western Washington Girl Scouts - Troop Assistant Leader
Holy Spirit Lutheran Church - Youth Leader
KC Green Schools Sustainability Ambassadors - Mentor
Student Conservation Association - Past Volunteer Ranger
Sounders Alliance Council (2009-2014) - Past Secretary

Redmond Emergency Winter Shelter - Community Volunteer 


1st Legislative District Democrats

5th Legislative District Democrats

48th Legislative District Democrats

Gael Tarleton - State Representative, 36th District

Tanika Kumar Padhye - Redmond City Council
Steve Fields - Redmond City Council

Hank Myers - Redmond City Council

Apple Farm Village - Woodinville



Forward-Focused Climate Programs

 King County Flood Pad and Flood Storage programs are popular in our region exactly because building resiliency and response to extreme weather makes us all stronger and provides environmental and economic protections. Whether that is heavier precipitation, severe weather, runoff into salmon streams, extreme heatwaves and drought, or shifting hardiness zones for crops, getting up-to-date information of the risks, and responses into the hands of ALL of our farmers, land managers, and communities will better prepare us for mitigation. 

Efficiency Upgrades

I will seek legislative and program  increases to green power, innovative efficiency use cases, and renewable upgrades in King County, as new sources of revenue, investment, and resiliency for our communities. 

Diversify Outreach

By using modern digital outreach and social media techniques, we can redirect previous print and production budgets towards  nimble, quickly updated, lower cost, and language-specific community targeting.